Aquila 100

The AQUILA 100 tethered drone can be seen as a real aerial intelligence tool, ideal for any mission. Thanks to the technologically advanced tethering system, a multiplicity of needs can be covered in the field of security. The cable is attached to the aerial unit and reaches up to 100 m in height, allowing the Aquila 100 to operate continuously as it provides power to the aerial unit and transmits protected data in real time to the operator.

The Advantages

The advanced technologies that underlie the design of Aquila 100 make this platform unique in the world of RPAS and many advantages derive from it:

Possibility of use 24/7

Possibility of use in adverse weather conditions

Usable both day and night

Highly reliable and accurate

Transmission and collection of Live data

Applicable to multiple operational scenarios

Complex operations with the RPAS Fleet

Eagle Sky Light boasts a unique fleet of RPAS craft, structured to ensure maximum versatility in meeting the needs that characterise the professional operational scenarios.
Through the technologies and systems that characterise the Aquila 100, it is possible to assemble a fleet of professional RPAS craft that are part of the DJI Enterprise brand technologies, which can carry out operations in the field of security that were unimaginable in the past.

Our Fleet

Eagle Sky Light is proud to be the exclusive retailer for professional RPAS craft that are part of the DJI Enterprise platform for the security sector.
Set out below are the components that make up our fleet and that are regularly used in the various operational scenarios.

DJI Wind 8

DJI Matrice 210 RTK

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Spark

DJI Phantom 4

Our Focuses

We strongly believe in the vision that leads us on every day to face new challenges to ensure progress in the operating procedures that see the use of RPAS platforms in the security field. Our focuses:

Our primary objective: to guarantee the security of the entire operation and those involved in achieving the desired result.

We believe that the technological progress we are part of allows us to face new challenges with greater efficiency, effectiveness and security.

Every day we investigate and offer solutions to respond to a wide variety of needs. The common factor linking all the activities is the pursuit of excellence.

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