Our Missions

Conducted at the request of bodies, institutions and individuals, this section includes some examples of the missions performed by our team of late.

Specific technologies are used for each operation, that take account of the characteristics of the RPA fleet, and that are best suited to meet meet the goals defined in the initial briefing phase with the customers and others involved.

The use of high-tech platforms, the specific training of the Team and the authorisations received allow Eagle Sky Light to carry out unique missions that allow results to be obtained that were unthinkable up to now.

Missions Conducted

General Questions

  • Can missions be performed only for / by organisations or do they also include services for the private sector?

    Our fleet and our specialised team are ready to meet the needs of a multitude of customers, including individuals, who require the application of our technologically advanced systems.

Our Focuses

We strongly believe in the vision that leads us on every day to face new challenges to ensure progress in the operating procedures that see the use of RPAS platforms in the security field. Our focuses:

Our primary objective: to guarantee the security of the entire operation and those involved in achieving the desired result.

We believe that the technological progress we are part of allows us to face new challenges with greater efficiency, effectiveness and security.

Every day we investigate and offer solutions to respond to a wide variety of needs. The common factor linking all the activities is the pursuit of excellence.

Requests for Information

Would you like more specific information regarding the missions carried out by our team? Contact us, we gladly answer all the curiosities.