Security With Our
Professional RPAS Fleet

Thanks to the coordination facility provided by the Aquila 100 platform, Eagle Sky Light is able to manage complex operations in the field of security with a professional RPAS fleet.
Applicable to many areas, this innovative operating solution allows limits traditionally attributable to the use of single drones to be overcome, thus reaching out to new horizons and operational possibilities.

Our Applications

Thanks to its experience, technologies at its disposal and authorisations unique to th world of RPAS, nowadays Eagle Sky Light operates with its fleet in multiple situations and scenarios providing operations in support of activities in the security field.

Rescue operations and emergency management
Industrial Applications
Guarantee of security in major events
Safety in the mountains
Treatment of agricultural areas
Safeguarding the artistic heritage from vandalism
Coordination of operations in "marine" scenarios
Support for law enforcement operations

General Questions

  • If I have specific needs with regard to a listed application what should I do?

    In this case, please contact Eagle Sky Light directly using the forms available on this website (you can find one at the foot of the page) or by calling the telephone numbers indicated in the contacts contatti. We will be happy to develop a scenario proposal that meets your specific needs.

  • What do we mean by drone coordination?

    Upon request we would be happy to carry out a demonstration to show you this innovation in terms of aerial operation.

  • Are authorisations required to purchase your RPAS platforms?

    To purchase an RPAS platform technically no authorisation is required, but for its professional use and in certain areas it is necessary to be authorised and recognised as operators by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority). Our team and its consultants are responsible for managing the entire authorisation procedure on behalf of their customers.

  • Where can I find information regarding the prices of services and products?

    The Eagle Sky Light fleet is designed for operations characterised by high levels of complexity. Therefore we have chosen not to create standard proposals but to tailor a customised quotation to the needs of the individual customer. If you need more detailed information, please contact us directly via email using the appropriate form at the foot of the page or by phone. We would be delighted to answer any enquiries you might have.

  • Where can I find information about the Training Centre?

    Our Training and Advanced Professional Centre, called Sky Sapience Academy Italia, provides a complete training program, which accompanies the student from the basics to the details of specific professional techniques. https://www.skysapienceacademyitalia.it/

Our Focuses

We strongly believe in the vision that leads us on every day to face new challenges to ensure progress in the operating procedures that see the use of RPAS platforms in the security field. Our focuses:

Our primary objective: to guarantee the security of the entire operation and those involved in achieving the desired result.

We believe that the technological progress we are part of allows us to face new challenges with greater efficiency, effectiveness and security.

Every day we investigate and offer solutions to respond to a wide variety of needs. The common factor linking all the activities is the pursuit of excellence.

Request for Information

Would you like more information on the applications of our RPAS fleet?