Eagle Sky Light

Eagle Sky Light, a company division dedicated to aviation and trademark of Eagle Keeper Service Group srl, is in the market as a centre of excellence in the research and use of professional RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) platforms in the security field.

The sole administrator of Eagle Keeper, Ugo Vittori, who has always been a supporter of innovation and cutting-edge technologies, has chosen to focus resources and investments in the RPAS sector, more commonly known as drones, recognising their potential in the application to support professional operations, especially in the field of security.

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Drone Professionale e Sistema di Intelligence Aquila 100

Our Applications

Thanks to its experience, technologies at its disposal and authorisations unique to th world of RPAS, nowadays Eagle Sky Light operates with its fleet in multiple situations and scenarios providing operations in support of activities in the security field.

Rescue operations and emergency management
Industrial Applications
Guarantee of security in major events
Safety in the mountains
Treatment of agricultural areas
Safeguarding artistic heritage from vandalism
Coordination of operations in "marine" scenarios
Support for law enforcement operations

Aquila 100

The Aquila 100 tethered hovering platform is an RPAS system with sophisticated and unique technology, making it the first and only system present and operational in Italy.

This tethered platform consists of a BU (Base Unit) and an AU (Aerial Unit) connected via a cable that provides the power supply to the AU and enables the protected data that has been collected to be transmitted to the operator. Powered by a generator on the ground that offers unlimited power and operating times, Aquila 100 guarantees unrivalled visibility and mobility.
Aquila 100 has been designed to offer unique aerial solutions in order to manage intelligence and communication in real time, thus meeting the needs of companies, institutions and national establishments.

Being able to fly up to 100 m in height, to operate in adverse weather conditions, both day and night, and to lift various payloads of a considerable weight, Aquila 100 revolutionises the opportunities so far offered to the market by the world of drones.

Aquila 100 is also able to coordinate a fleet of professional RPASs belonging to the technologies of the DJI Enterprise brand, which, duly managed by the Eagle Sky Light Team, guarantees maximum versatility in meeting the needs that characterise the professional operational scenarios in the field of security.

Drone Professionale e Sistema di Intelligence Aquila 100
Day and Night Camera
This type of camera allows the operator to carry out day and night missions, thus expanding the range of operations.
Flir Sensor/ IR (infrared)
A beam of light that cannot be seen by the naked eye, making the object being illuminated stand out against the background.
Thermographic camera
The sensor can pinpoint a source of heat, being able to identify the presence of humans and trace their movement.

Our Certifications

Eagle Sky Light has today reached a series of goals and obtained certifications that are unique in the world of RPAS. These allow it to perform specialised critical operations even in air spaces and under conditions that are known to be prohibited.

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General Questions

  • Does Eagle Sky Light operate exclusively in the security field?

    Thanks to ten years of experience in the security field developed by the parent company, Eagle Keeper, and to Director Ugo Vittori's personal knowledge of the sector, the decision was made to focus resources and investments mainly on operations that have the safeguarding of security as their mission and ultimate goal.

  • Does Eagle Sky Light offer services or product sales?

    Currently, Eagle Sky Light offers the market services that are conducted by its certified professionals and the sale of RPAS platforms. Our company division is the exclusive retailer for the Aquila 100 system in Italy and Europe, as well as all the products of the DJI Enterprise brand for security applications.

  • Does Eagle Sky Light offer tailor-made solutions?

    The Eagle Sky Light business division was created to meet specific needs in the security field for institutions, companies and national bodies that are looking for effective solutions through the use of RPAS platforms. Our team of specialists is ready to to draw up dedicated operational plans and customise the RPAS platforms involved.

  • Is it possible to have more information on Aquila 100?

    Most of the information on the Aquila 100 platform can be found on the dedicated page at the following link. If further specifications are required, you can contact the company directly using the appropriate form: we will be happy to answer all your inquiries and requests.

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